14 August 2009

Surfer Mom & Beach Mom on Bicycles -- Plus...MomCafe & Bicycles

(All Photos by RidingPretty)

Awhile back I peeped in on MomCafe. They featured a Summer Survival Guide. Part of it included a Bicycle Giveaway along with other Bicycle Related prizes. For instance to win the bicycle the question was, "Where is your favorite place to go bike riding at?" Your answer to that gave you a chance at winning a Schwinn bike. Another question was, "Do you always wear your bike helmet when cycling?" Here the prize was a helmet. By answering several additional bike related questions gave you even more opportunities to win other bike related prizes.

What was so amazing was how many Moms did just that -- gave wonderful responses. I read only a very few of the over 900 comments describing 'favorite places to ride a bicycle'. I got all warm and gooey inside. A lot of Moms out there just melted my heart with their bicycle love stories.

Why am I sharing this you may wonder?

It felt like I was witnessing a ground swell of momentum taking shape. 900+ responses is a lot Moms who bike already or want to bike!! I liked this MomCafe's promotion because of the way it fostered an engaging way to get Mom's to share their personal stories and respond to each other in that wonderfully Mom centric, friendly way. I was just flat out inspired.


To go with this post I purposely set out to find some great Santa Cruz Moms (role models) on Bicycles.
The first mom is just so awesome! I have never seen a surfer mom quite like her. She transported that big 'ole surf board so effortlessly, no big deal. Her son was so proud to have his picture taken with his Mom. I however, kept mumbling about how utilitarian and impressive she was...I hope I didn't sound too ridiculous. I was trying too hard to explain why I wanted their picture so badly! I also took a really long time to get this post up, so I hope Surfer Mom and Surfer Son get to see this!!

The second Mom is so wonderful too. They were headed home after a day at the beach. I like their big beach bags!!