09 July 2009

Wild Berries... Going by Bicycle -Topshop Chictopia Bicycle Contest

Sharing with you some photos from a couple of days ago. I'm off to go pick wild blackberries... which is one of my all time favorite summer time things to do! I'm eating delcious apricots from the farmers market until I get myself to the berry patches.

If you've been enticed to go check out the Chictopia Topshop Bike Giveaway contest , well you might have noticed my photos over there. I jumped in the contest just a couple of days ago.

I posted this back in June, but wasn't paying attention and thought the contest ran for just one week. When I went back to see who the winners were I found all sorts of our favorite chic bicycle bloggers with their lovely pictures posted. I learned the contest runs until July 17th!

I'm so impressed with how many young ladies are keen to ride bicycles! I keep meeting more and more Chictopians via this contest who are genuinely intrigued with the chic and the bicycle riding thing. It's all so fresh and quite unlike 'preaching to the choir'.

Any question about joining Chictopia and getting in on the contest? Let me know. Or don't want to submit photos, that's fine too you may still want to vote.