20 June 2009

Are you up for this?... 'Cycle Chic' via TopShop & Chictopia

Okay all you chic cyclists...there is a fun competition going on. TopShop and Chictopia are wanting the very best from you. Offer up the very best photo capturing you in your most stylish attire while riding your bicycle. Hurry this ends soon, like as in get your photo submitted SOON because TopShop's Bicycle Club started on June 20 and lasts for one week only! This is very NYC 'centric' since you will only get to "Ride around NYC " on a free bike through this promotion (visit TopsHop for details). And did I mention?... the prize is a free bicycle.

Hey, I wouldn't bother posting this but I really love TopShop...yes, and since long before they opened up here in the USA/NYC .

(Topshop's Bicycle Club started June 20 ... one week only. Photo via Topshop.com)

**** update: the contest lasts until July !7th.
p.s. Do you need a Chictopica invite code?