23 February 2009

Winter Hat Options for Bicycling

Mel kindly agreed to pose for a couple of pics. Thanks Mel.

Mel is more Conservative, definitely price conscious, and very eco conscious too, so she urged me to design a helmet cover to fit her needs...She liked my designs but thought they were 'too fashion forward' for her personal style sensibilities.

The Details: the fabric is felt-like in touch and feel, and is made from recycled plastic bottles so it's about as eco as it gets. It has a long, attached scarf wrap to tie anyway you want. It is cozy and keeps your head and neck warm. It can be made waterproof by simply wrapping the bicycle helmet in a plastic bag, thin shower cap, or even saran wrap before putting on the helmet cover. The price was within Mel's budget. Mel's design requests were solved!

Buying Info: is here***

***this style is no longer offered- HOWEVER you can go to the very top the page and click on the
online shop link to see newer designs.