21 February 2009

Going to the Oscars? Bicycle Rack is Available!

down the red carpet
photocredit/source:via dannymichel

Hey there, A-lister! ... want to avoid sitting idly in the limo while getting through the intense traffic congestion to the Academy Awards?

"A bicycle rack will be erected on the east curb of Highland Avenue from Hollywood Boulevard to the alley north of Hollywood Boulevard from 12:01 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday, February 23, 2009."

Can’t wait to see who wins this year …
Good Luck to Everyone!

oh, check this out from the Chicago Sun Times ...
(if you) "care about bikes in movies, just vote in the bike category. We'll announce the winners of the Ride Movie Awards the day after the Oscars, Monday, Feb. 23."

And in the Bicycle category:

Best picture with a bike in the leading role:

"The Triplets of Belleville," 2003
"Breaking Away," 1979
"The Bicycle Thief," 1948
"2 Seconds," 1998
"The Flying Scotsman," 2006

So hurry up and vote!