25 February 2009

Ah, Mardi Gras...My Dream of a Bike Parade

Mardi Gras in New Orleans winded down. This got me thinking about a bicycle parade. My kind of parade, my way...I'd want Skeletons, Saints and Sinners.

photocredit/source: Dazza NZ

My frightful Skeletons ... coming to you from Carnival Cuba and frocksonbike.

Mobile Sewing
photocredit/source: hetmobielenaaiatelier.nl

My lovely Saints...hetmobiele and aaiatelier at the front of the parade. These ladies pedal and generate power to their sewing machines and sew. They offer their sewing services and transform ordinary clothing (supplied by spectators watching the parade) into works of art.

photocredit/source: polerider

My beautiful 'Sinners'...Polerider. A guy pedaling a bike outfitted with a Pole and beautiful girls putting on quite a show! Polerider is available to make your parade/event extra sizzling.