23 September 2008

Cycle Chic Guide to Bike-to-Work Wear

This is an oldie but goodie. It originates from Cycles Gladiator; Winemaker extraordinaire! The Cycle Chic Guide is all yours as a pdf. file and you can get it right here.

It was a fashion show featuring bicycle or cycle fashions and was held during Bike to Work Week. May ’07 right here in the USA, NYC to be exact.

A little bit of a back grounder, or a history lesson of sorts … ‘Cycle Chic’ was the name chosen by Cycles Gladiator to promote an event they called The Cycle Chic Invitational.

Here’s a YouTUBE video you can view as well. It really captures the fun and aliveness of the event. In a past post I blogged the photos from the event…here.

As a follow up the e-brochure ‘Cycle Chic Guide to Bike-to-Work Wear’ was offered. So really, check it out!

As far as I can tell this oldie but goodie ‘cycle chic’ was the very first.