30 March 2008

Cycles Gladiator -- Fashion Show (Last Year’s) Photos


CG Pedal Power

CG Hugging the Curve Comfort

CG shifting Gears innovation

CG Fashion Forward High Style

To get your bicycle chic style inspiration on and your juices going take a look at this (May 9, 2007) Fashion Show. Wine and Bicycle Chic ..I love It!

Here’s a quote from William Leigon-- President, Hahn Estates/Cycles Gladiator Wine

"We wanted to do something to help promote cycling and riding a bike to work. The name of our wine is Cycles Gladiator, and what we wanted to show that you don't have to be inhibited and worry about wearing spandex that's tight and lumpy and that kind of stuff...that we could create fashion that was chic. Fashion that showed the freedom of movement and could be exciting and creative for people today to ride their bikes to work."