30 March 2008

Shopper’s Alert: THE Best Bicycle Chic Product Finds

I’ve culled an amazing assortment of bicycle chic products for you to savor and take a look at.

You get a photo of the product, the price, my editorialized description of the product and (in most cases) a direct link to the ‘buy it now’ button …and then it’s yours!

I’ve listed almost 30 products (and growing) in lots of categories. Things with prices ranging from $5.00 bicycle ankle cuffs to $$$ for Parisian Hotel accommodations which includes an incredible chic bicycle plus bicycle valet service.

My dilemma. I debated a long time if I wanted to showcase these products on this blog. I’ve been saving my best finds forever! I decided to make it simple; visually organized, easy, appealing and really handy for you.

Some categories I’ve listed; bicycles, bicycles skirts, helmets, gloves, baskets, basket liners, bags, jackets, goggles, steamers, bells, and more!