23 September 2008

Big Sur... Wedding....'RidingPretty'

Bec's Wedding 1

Rebecca's Wedding 1

This was in my mailbox this morning. Below is the note that accompanied the photos;

"I am delighted about your blog!! I heard about it because you photographed my co-worker Melissa on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. All of the employees at Artisans Gallery pride themselves on 'riding pretty.' We're thrilled to check it out all the time!

Thanks so much!

Ps. Thought I'd show you 'riding pretty' at a Big Sur Wedding"

Thank you so much Linnaea... I loved receiving these pretty pictures!

For everyone else, if you ever in Santa Cruz go by Artisans on Pacific Ave. Say hello to all the pretties who bicycle ride, including
Melissa...whom I caught on the way to work one day wearing her incredible boots.