15 April 2014

April Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2014


April Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2014

Tweed Ride (Tweed-Mass) Nottingham, UK - Apr 25

Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN - Apr 26

Tweed Ride Cleveland, OH - Apr 26

Tweed Ride Albany, NY - Apr 27

Tweed Ride Vienna - Apr 27

Tweed Ride Riga, LV - May 3

Tweed Run Stuttgart, DE - May 3

Tweed Ride Chico, CA  - May 4

Tweed Ride FedUni, AU  - May 10

Tweed Ride Windsor, ON - May 10

Tweed Ride Tacoma, WA - May 10

Tweed Ride Cape Town (Red Sox), ZA - May 10

Tweed Run London, UK  - May 17

Tweed Ride Boston - May 17

Tweed Run Oldenburg, DE  - May 18

Tweed Ride Italia Pescara, IT -May 18

Tweed Ride Bexhill - East Sussex, UK - May 18

Tweed Ride Calgary, AB - May 19

Tweed Ride Reykjavík, IS - June 7
Velo Vintage 5th Occasion & Ride, Exeter-Devon, UK- June 14

Tweed Ride Hague, NL - June 15

Anjou Vélo Vintage - June 28 & 29  2014

Tweed Ride Vancouver - Sept 14

Tweed Day Berlin, DE - Sept 21

It’s the April Edition 2014 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT presented here on RidingPretty's Blog.

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THE TWEED RIDE REPORT - Please visit: There you can get in touch with the ride organizers plus visit their ride and event sites by using the links provided.

Here’s an ad hock and running list of new upcoming rides.  Usually mid- month is when the new edition posts goes up on RidingPretty's blog. Please do check back -- new rides get added as I learn of them. The Tweed Ride Report Calendar (the master list) gets updated too. That’s where you'll find the ride poster and links to the actual ride event itself.

As you probably know by now some of the biggest and best rides of the year continue to happen now and through early summer!  Word to the wise - getting word out about any upcoming rides gives people (and you) a better chance of planning for and joining a ride, so keep in touch. 

Thanks for supporting this report and thanks for visiting!

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