18 September 2013

September Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

September Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

Tweed Ride Madrid  - Sept 22

Johnny Onion Ride Buffalo, NY(Vintage Inspired) - Sept 22

Tweed Ride Thunder Bay, ON - Sept 27

Tweed Ride Victoria, BC  (3rd Annual) – Sept 28

Tweed Ride Sacramento, CA – Sept 28

Tweed Run Budapest – Sept 28

Tweed Ride Rotterdam, NL  - Sept 29

Tweed Ride Rio IV: Edição Primavera - Sept 29  

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK – Oct 6

Tweed Ride Stockholm, SE – Oct 6

Tweed Ride Kansas City, MO – Oct 6

Vienna Tweed Ride (Tour du Monde) – Oct 6

Tweed Ride Bellingham, WA – Oct 13

Tweed Ride Windsor, ON – Oct 19

Tweed Run Milwaukee, WI  - Oct 19

Tweed Ride Boston, MA - Oct 20

Tweed Ride Foley, Alabama (Baldwin Bicycle Fest) – Nov 2

Tweed Rally Toronto, ON – Nov 16

Tweed Ride Chico, CA  - Nov 24 

2014 Rides

Anjou Vélo Vintage - June 28 & 29  2014 

It’s the September Edition of the THE TWEED RIDE REPORT via RidingPretty's Blog. Original posters for the various rides you see listed above will provide you with further details about these rides – please visit: THE TWEED RIDE REPORT. Find links and connections to put you in touch with the ride organizers. The list provided above is there to give you an overall picture of current rides as well as rides in the following months. 

The Tweed Ride (Report) Community - If you’d like to get the most updated information concerning any other rides as they come up, or other pertinent news and such then please go visit.
Join us - The Tweed Ride (Report) Community. Our community likes to stay informed about all the various upcoming rides and goings on as we continue to support one another’s rides.  As a member you are welcome to voice what is important to you and join in with your say. Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in new rides! Thanks for keeping up with and visiting the Tweed Ride Report Editions each month.

Please let me know of any new rides and I will be sure to add your ride to the October Edition.  The edition usually gets put together mid-month of each month so please keep that in mind. The more advance notice you can give, well that seems to be the best advantage for everyone. A two months advance notice seems to work wonders in getting the word put out there, plus it can help in enlisting others to lend a helping hand with organizing the ride, getting sponsors, and all that good stuff.