08 December 2011

WildCrafted Christmas Wreath - Bicycle Outing - A Spritely Christmas Outfit

Winter White Sage, Rosemary, Rose Hips, Roses and Tea Tree Flowers...

wildcrafted christmas wreath on with DIY bicycle porteur

winter sage, rosemary, rose christmas wreath

wildcrafted christmas wreath

Yes, that is what my Christmas Wreath is crafted out of!

It is all WildCrafted - made by this fairy sprite of a girl who goes out into nature to hand collect everything herself. I can't tell you how wonderful it smells, the colors are so subtle and beautiful too. Not at all the typical Christmas wreath in dark evergreens with red berries and bows.

Otherwise today was all about the Post Office and mailing out packages. AND I was so happy to transport my new wreath home safely on my DIY back rack porteur. (BTW the DIY post is forthcoming sooner or later!)

Oh, if you'd like a wreath like the one I have they are available.

faire isle sweater mission 80s dress Christmas

80s Missoni Chevron (style) Dress -- vintage
Faire Isle Sweater -- Tiara circa 2004
(I love this thing to no end)
Burnt Butterscotch Leather Duffle Bag - 70s vintage
Old School Preppy Loafers -- Dexter
Burgundy Cable Knit Tights -- Calvin Klein
Beater Bicycle - 1960s crusier
Helmet (not pictured - it is this one I wore today, but with out the red flower)
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