29 December 2011

2012 Tweed Rides & Runs -- Updates to The Tweed Ride Report


The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

New Tweed Rides Runs Coming in 2012!

Tweed Ride Cardiff UK - Jan 2
Tweed Ride Mobile AL - Jan 14
Cozy Hearth Tweed Ride - Chicago Feb 4
Tweed Ride Kansas City - Apr 14

2012 promises to be another incredible year!

Congratulations to Cardiff UK for hosting the first Tweed Ride of the Year on Jan 2nd! -- the official name is Cardiff Harris Hogmanay Tweed Ride.

I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as I receive them. You will be able to find those invites & posters, updates and details in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

**If you've landed on this post for the first time, do check back! Find the new upcoming rides for the current month you're in by going to either The Tweed Ride Report or look for it in the current month's ride lists post. Or see dates and locations right here on the main page -- right over there on the sidebar listings.

I tweet updates regularly now. I will be checking for any updates you may tweet there as well. Simpler yet, just follow me on twitter where I've been happily tweeting new Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates plus tweeting timely reminders for these rides.

Check these hash tags on twitter : #thetweedridereport -- #tweedride -- #tweedrun

**FB is another place I try to do Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates as well.