03 September 2011

September & October UpDates to The Tweed Ride Report

TWEED RIDES -- September &
October 2011
The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

TWEED RIDES -- September 2011

Tweed Ride -- Canberra AU -- Sept 3
Dandies & Quaintrelles Moonlit Ride -- Washington D.C. -- Sept 10
Tweed Ride -- Winnipeg Canada -- Sept 11
Tweed Ride -- Alpena, MI -- Sept 17
Tweed Ride -- Birmingham UK -- Sept 24
Tweed Ride --
Milwaukee WI -- Sept 24
Heritage CycleCityRide -- Nottingham,UK -- Sept 25

TWEED RIDES -- October 2011

Tweed Ride -- Portland,ME -- Oct 2
Tweed Ride -- Cincinnati -- Oct 2
Tweed Ride -- Edmonton Canada-- Oct 2
Commercial --Tweed Run -- NYC -- Oct 15
Tweed Run -- Stockholm -- Oct 15
Tweed Ride -- Toronto -- Oct 15
Tweed Ride -- Madrid -- Oct 29

The September Rides are posted! There are some October rides with more to be added I am sure. I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as I receive them. You will be able to find those invites & posters, updates and details in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

This is going to be another great Fall Season for Tweed Rides!

**If you've landed on this post for the first time, do check back! Find the new upcoming rides for the current month you're in by going to either The Tweed Ride Report or look for it in the current month's ride lists post. Or see dates and locations right here on the main page -- right over there on the sidebar listings.

***If you want to list a ride, another way to do it is to list it automatically yourself on a FB group page set up for just that:
The Tweed Ride Report on Facebook.

*** try this too; check hash tags on twitter : #thetweedridereport -- #tweedride -- #tweedrun

I will try to keep adding tweet updates regularly now and will be checking for any updates you may tweet there as well. Or even simpler yet, just follow me on twitter where I will tweet Tweed Ride updates and related news tidbits.

p.s. Some FB Tweed Folk prefer to be in touch via my RidingPretty FB, makes sense since there quite a number of Tweed Ride --Tweed Run -- Seersucker Rides -- on FB.

Now that should give you plenty of ways to get get connected!