08 June 2010

Tweed Bicycle Rides of May

May Tweed Rides! These are some of my very favorite photos - gleaned from a half dozen or so rides that all happened during the month of May...

Big Apple Tweed Ride shared by ridingpretty
Big Apple Tweed Ride shared by ridingpretty

Boston Linen Tweed Ride shared by ridingpretty
(photo: Cycler at bikinginheels)

Santa Barbara Tweed Ride shared by ridingpretty
(photo: christa at BikebytheSea)

Santa Cruz Tweed Ride shared by ridingpretty
(photo: David Van Brink via Santa Cruz Tweed Ride )

(video: RobotHouse TV)

Starting at the top and including the photo directly below it - The Big Apple Tweed Ride

The three gents with their fine bicycles are from the Spring Boston Tweed Ride or rather should I say the Boston Linen Ride.

The lovely couple by the sea are from the Santa Barbara Tweed Ride.

The spiffy and dapper bicyclists on the bridge are from the Santa Cruz Tweed Ride

Lastly we have a jolly video from the Flagstaff Tweed Ride.

Montrose New Jersey and Calgary Canada also had Tweed Rides, but I was hard put to find much in the way of any photos. However...

All and All another spectacular month for Tweed Rides!

* I have given attention to the photographers/videographer of these fine images and you can find their links under each image so go pay them a visit!
I am continuously amazed at the number of rides that keep popping up each month! My thinking was that sooner or later the summer months would stifle all the fun out of a Tweed Ride due to the sweltering summer heat experienced in so many parts of the world. I do say world because as I was writing this I learned of another recent ride in Lille France.

I am happy to report that June has a number of rides coming up so please go check the side bar where you will The Tweed Report calendar. Hint hint: SeerSucker in Tweed Rides is BIG!