07 June 2010

Marilyn Monroe on a Bicycle - Looking SO Adorable

marilyn monroe an a bicycle  shared by ridingpretty
Marilyn Monroe via vintagelifenetwork

Marilyn looks so young and adorable, the puppy in the bicycle basket really melts my heart too.

What is so surprising is how fresh the stripes, and suspenders worn with her white shorts look - especially when you compare it to a few of the looks in Yves St. Laurent Cruise 2011 as seen here - well to my imaginative eye anyway.

As an added treat I found the receipt for an English bicycle Marilyn rented! :

"Receipt from Hans Ohrt Lightweight Bicycles, dated June 23, 1962, issued to "Miss Marilyn Monroe," with handwritten check payment number and date paid. Hans Ohrt Lightweight Bicycles, owned by famed bicyclist and inventor of the bike helmet, Hans Orht, was visited by Monroe two months before she passed away. There she rented an English bicycle for a month at the charge of $18.00."

marilyn monroe bicycle receipt shared  by ridingpretty

Renting bicycles was apparently fashionable and rather common in Beverly Hills circa 1962 :) Now I can only imagine just what kind of English bicycle Marilyn rented, what it looked like and just where that bicycle is now.

I love vintage bicycles, you just never know.