27 May 2010

Train and Bicycle Day - Part II

train ride bicycles by ridingpretty

roaring camp bicycles by ridingpretty

train tickets bicycles by ridingpretty
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Four hundred and fifty people boarded the train... add that number in again and that's just about how many bicycles also went on board the train.

Just what is the Trail and Rail Day all about? It's about riding your bicycle to the train - then take a train ride to Roaring Camp/Henry Cowell Redwoods - then ride your bicycle nine glorious miles (down Highway 9) through the Santa Cruz Mountains on a beautiful mountain road that you've just about got all to yourself, meaning sans cars. This miracle ride happens once a year, and it's five years running now. A CHP escort secures the right of passage keeping traffic at bay during the course of the ride, sorta like what they do for the Amgen Tour.

Now there is a bit of an agenda behind all this. Come on folks, just do this ride once and you will want to see Rails and Trail get the funding and implementation it so deserves. Sincerely, I hope this idea continues to spread wide and far! For more info - Santa Cruz (local) or for National (in scope).
Anyway. Sheer joy! This day was so much fun, and yes I do have a few more photos from the day to share, so stay tuned...