31 May 2010

Finito to the Train Day Story + Comfy Romper, So Perfect for Bicycle Rides

 bicycle jumpsuit ridingpretty
(My super comfy romper worn over *gasp* padded bicycle shorts)

Finally sharing with you the end of my fabulous Train Day Bicycle Story....The above photo is what I wore that day and it ended up being perfect. Next meet Reef...

four and half years old on a bike by ridingpretty

Reef is four and one half years old! He was my direct lead as I followed in behind him winding along the road. You see, I purposely chose to be as close to the last rider - bringing up the caboose as it were out of the four hundred and fifty plus riders. I emphatically enjoy going ever so leisurely and sort of lolly gag along, all the better to really take in the sights and listen for distinct song bird songs of the rarer birds in our local. So back to Reef - he inspired me! I had my 3 speed to help power me along and he had no speeds, yet he kept well ahead of me- dare I say sportingly out doing me!