12 April 2010

My SF Day - SF UnderGround Street Food - AfterParty

 SF underground street food photo by ridingpretty
(LaotionVietnamese Cuisine- A Humble Plate )

 SF underground street food photo by ridingpretty
(EarthAlchemy Raw Chocolate - Mad4Madeleines - and waayy back there is Indian Tacos)

 SF underground street food photo by ridingpretty
(House Kombucha and directly behind her is rawdaddy's)

After the SF Green Festival we beelined immediately over to the Underground Street Food + House Kombucha location to party and feast on some of the yummiest street food from some of the best of the SF Underground Street Food vendors.

Since I'm way down in Santa Cruz (and I live car lite) I kept missing all the other SF Underground Food Markets. There have been three so far - the last one had 47 vendors and over 1,200 people attending. So I was thrilled to finally get to go to this mini and intimate version. It specifically featured SF street vendor's foods as opposed to the much larger and insanely popular foraged foods vendors and market.

Visit SF Underground Street Food - keep up with new events
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If you've been reading this blog for long you'll know I love to go forage and have done so since my Grandfather use take me with him as a child. I've blogged a bit about it here. I love all things DIY too. Borderline, barely legal, hhmm now this intrigues me - I love the underground way things work. You get around in the underground. Underground in Private Paris.

Eating at the recent SF Street Food Vendor was so delish.
We had....

*LaotionVietnamese Cuisine, a most delicate flavored dish! - from A Humble Plate

*ever so Fine! Lavendar Chocolate - from EarthAlchemy Raw Chocolate

*moist cookies treats - from Mad4Madeleines

*Indian Tacos - sorry didn't catch their vendor name - the BF was crazy about their fare

*Kombucha shot - from
House Kombucha - with so many flavors to choose from!!

*my favorite - RawDaddy's - I had the portobello mushroom and polenta with creamy cashew sauce in the signature flax seed cone. Perfection.