12 April 2010

My SF Day - Green Festival - Bamboo Bicycle - StalkBicycles

bamboo bike by stalkbicycles shared by ridingpretty
(StalkBicycles/photo by RidingPretty)

Yeah! A Day in SF and it's been awhile...Attended the SF Green Festival where I spied this fetching bamboo bicycle by StalkBicycles. SO green in every imaginable way.

Very tempting it is....My BF hasn't bought a new bicycle in ages (nor have I for that matter, being strictly a vintage kind of girl in all my bicycle choices) but I digress. So my BF is seriously considering getting this frame and doing his own build out with some of his really old esoteric components he's been saving forever. We'll see. StalkBicycles are hand built and made right here in Santa Cruz, how convenient. Ample oppurtunity to go by and visit the shop and watch the build process - being in the same town and all.

Hmmm...I wonder if they could do a mixte frame, guess I'll have to ask. I suppose the geometry of the diamond frame is the best use of bamboo and a mixte would be out of the question. Still...