29 April 2010

Jesse Autumn's Bicycle and MUSIC! - a Cafe Day

You may remember seeing this bicycle and it's rider Jesse before - that is if you've been reading this blog for awhile...

 Jesse Autumn photo by ridingpretty

Jesse's bicycle a photo by ridingpretty

Jesse's bicycle a photo by ridingpretty

Well as is often the case I spotted the bicycle well before seeing the bicycle's owner! I was so drawn to the contents inside the basket, those lovely strawberry print linens, well I just got giddy admiring them- so vintage, so perfect.

Next simply turn around (Shelly) and there was Jesse herself - a stones throw away seated at a charming outdoor cafe table at
Lulu's where she was contently painting away...

Jesse's art photo by ridingpretty

Jesse's art photo by ridingpretty

As it turns out Jesse is an artist and musician. The best part of our chance meeting was the CD Jesse gave me. It's her brand new release. What a surprise I was in for! I have been listening to her CD non stop. I can't recommend it enough. It's so delicate, haunting, romantic. My BF says Jesse kinda reminds him of Tori Amos while for me she reminds me distantly of a female Nick Drake*.
"beautiful emotive and ethereal acoustic alternative folk/pop on piano, harp, organ, and glockenspiel" -- via her facebook page
Besides, the first track on Jesse Autumn Live EP is entitled 'November 5' (that's my birthday) and it is sooo pretty.

Jesse Autumn Music shared by ridingpretty
Jesse Autum's CD - go ahead and click it!

(*Why does someone always have to remind you of someone else anyway??!!)


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