08 February 2010

Inexpensive Dream Bicycle

shared by ridingpretty
(vintage bicycle / photographer unknown)

"I just found your blog, its really inspiring. I am looking for a bicycle and love the well designed ones, especially the style of the club monaco and fendi bike, but most of all the abici grand tourismo. i love the light grey/white bikes theyre so elegant! very great list of designer bikes by the way.
do you have a list of well designed inexpensive bikes, i thought i would email as you seem to be someone with really great taste. and to be able to pick from the inexpensive ones that may have been overlooked would be so helpful. any advice?
thanks so much, keep up the great blog!"

Brilliant question!

Inexpensive or expensive either way start by finding a local bicycle shop and go in and test ride your dream bicycle yourself. I would not buy one for myself or for that matter give a personal recommendation or review of a bicycle that I have never ridden. I believe it's quite preferable to actually ride a bicycle first before buying it!

In the past I have recommended buying a vintage bicycle and to do so for cheap with prices skyrocketing even more so than before because Times Change. It's what I've done and I love my vintage bicycles. I have also recommend learning how to build up your own bicycle. I think it's a great way to save money and earn valuable experience.

Regarding new bicycles, I thank you for the compliment on my style and taste! You must be referring to my Dream Bicycle List, or my Top Stylish Bicycles from Fashion Designer & Retailer I'm guessing, or even the Tips- Buying a Fashionable & Stylish Bicycle .

So, I completely understand your appreciation of very finely made bicycles. Abici is one of my top favorite bicycles too! Light grey/white is a color palette I also find so very elegant!

To help you with your request for a nice mid range bicycle list of aesthetic, well made and truly lovely bicycles- I will see if I can name some favorites for you. OR better yet I will see if any readers out there, actual bicycle owners (let's include any bicycle manufacturers and/or LBS too) chime in with their favorite bicycle and why.