12 January 2010

Inaugural Austin Tweed Ride - Fine Ride !

I spy three fine lasses at the Dapper Dan Dash / Shannon Tweed Ride...

photo by Jimmyhere shared at ridingpretty
(photo by Jimmyhere via Dapper Dan Dash /Shannon - Austin Tweed Ride photo pool)

Austin Texas just had a Tweed Ride! According to reports (thanks to Pat W.) between some 60 and 80 hardy souls participated!

There are plenty more photos from the ride to peruse over here. I'm sure you will find your own favorites. For just a small sampling take a look... some really interesting chaps here here,
here and here. Some beautiful bicycles too. Note: Not all photos have gone up yet from the ride so you may want to check back for any newly added photos at the photo pool.

Also I must say that as far as Tweed Rides go the very amusing and fun blog - The Dapper Dan Dash put up to support and inform it's readers - it's just fantastic. Well worth a read.