13 January 2010

Bazaar Magazine - Bicycle Chic!

 bazaar magazine bicycle girl shared by ridingpretty

 bazaar magazine bicycle girl shared by ridingpretty

( photocredit:Alexi Lubomirski for bazaar magazine via design scene)

This in the new
upcoming issue of February 2010 Harper's Bazaar Magazine!
Spring is around the corner (sooner or later anyway)....
At any rate I do like all of it. This is so because of the interesting choice to put the lovely model Arlenis Sosa with a diamond frame/"man" bike frame instead of the more lady like step through frame. Step through frame examples as seen in the fashion pages here and shown as a street shot here.

What I think I love most about the top photo are the cream colored, big tires on her bike. I'm not sure what bikes she is riding - so anyone out there with a clue - would love to hear from you! I can sincerely say in advance a certain number of my readers will be highly appreciative of that information.