27 January 2010

Hi Heels Bicycle Chic - Farmers Market

hi heels and bicycle farmers market photo by ridingpretty

hi heels and bicycle farmers market photo by ridingpretty
(photos by RidingPretty)

Yesterday I was all enamored of Paris...that fabulous photo depicting a very glamorous lady wearing incredible green hi heels - on her bicycle winding her way through the streets.

Ha, look at these pretty 'cinderella glass slipper' shoes worn here on a bicycle shopping trip to the local Farmers Market! It just proves bicycling and what you wear is in the mind of the beholder. When I met both these charming ladies they were just getting ready to park their bicycles and then go off and shop the market. Each one expressing individual styles of dressing to be sure.

Quite often I am apt to 'overdress' compared to the style choices my friends make especially as to what to wear when to comes to riding a bicycle. I always follow my own beat. My mother who was a Fashion Professional having worked her entire life career in Fashion was no shy flower herself. Her motto "always better to be stylishly overdressed than to be utterly forgettable". I also had a very eccentric English great grandmother known for her scandalous bohemian ensembles...so I guess it runs in the blood.

Do you dress as you choose? Co-Consult with girlfriends first? Does it even matter why or what you wear when you bicycle?