28 January 2010

Get a Bike Job - Work with Kids

Green Ways to School in Santa Cruz, CA is hiring a bike educator/advocate to help kids understand the connections between transportation, environment, health, and the community. We are looking for a cyclist with an education background to run this innovative and inspiring program and build the youth bike movement. Check out the job posting here, and email asap to get application materials. Due feb 5th!

peoplepowered kids on bikes shared by ridingpretty
(photo credit: peoplepowered and green ways to school)

Carolyn is leaving her position. She thought someone in Santa Cruz perhaps would see this posting and be the perfect fit so she asked me the do this post for her. Carolyn also says:

"... people need to apply by Feb 5th, and part of the process is some pretty lengthy questions that they can get from me if they email. They wouldn't fit in the posting!"

So I'm hyperlinking to Carolyn's email if you're that special person and want to contact her.