23 January 2010

Bicycle Dress - Lycra Cycing Jersey ...Say WHAT!

bike dress image via hotvelociti and shared by ridingpretty
(dress by Hotvelociti)

I am definitely not a fan of lycra cycling jerseys- however this is a cycle jersey dress!
You take your basic fit cycle jersey, extend the length to mid thigh - a hot, but respectable mini dress length. Wear it with your cycling shorts underneath (or not) and you have a look that takes you off the bike to the chic cafe in one fell swoop. No one at the cafe will ever guess you are wearing a cycling jersey of all things...

Here is another bicycle dress with bold graphics that got me thinking about bicycle dresses this week. Made me want to look for newer versions of bicycle dresses. So voila!

And yes, I do like the Pucci inspired prints...(mmmmh still pining after my 60's mint original Pucci silk jacket I sold off a few years back). Verdict is that I like Pucci 'esque cycle chic. Dress is by Hotvelociti and runs $150.00 to $200.00.

Required is a fit body, this dress is skin tight.