14 November 2009

Vintage Bicycle Photo Inspiration- Strange Story Photo?

vintage bicycle photo shared by ridingpretty
(vintage photo circa 1900)
In keeping 'mood wise' and complimenting my most recent post with its beautiful tintype photo, I decided to share this old vintage photo today.

I melt over the little girls bicycle...ah, ha now I know why I've been leaning towards big, beautiful cream colored tires (Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Tires in creme 40-63) for my vintage Raleigh DL-1 bicycle!!!

Actually there is a lot in this photo if you take the time to look. I believe there is a story.
Fashion wise I love the side buttoned knee high boots, the white ruffled portrait collar on her dress as well.

Do tell.... what story do you think the photo is saying to you?