18 September 2009

NYC, a Girl, a Bike .... Part I

Maybe it's because I was reading Bicycle Diaries and had NYC and bikes seared into my brainscape....That along with following NYC Fashion Week all this week, now NYC cycle style fashion is seared on my brainscape as well...

(photocredit: Scott Jason)

Then it hits me. 2004 and here are all these photos of girls riding their bikes in NYC!!!! Just amazing and beautiful photos and it was SO ahead of the curve. Long before even Copenhagen Cycle Chic who does his thing photo documenting Copenhagen girls on bikes, and long before the proliferation of bicycle blogs featuring girls on bikes. Why not break out these photos now and share them with my readers, especially NOW (and due to what's going on with my brainscape)!

So who is this visionary photographer who had this so wired, waaay back in 2004?

Jason Oliver Goodman or dogooder. He has a book of these photos out. Go to his site and Enjoy.

"In the summer of 2004 I set out alone on my bike to make a photography project called A Girl's Bike. In roughly 4 months I documented close to 200 women and their bicycles around NYC, mostly on the street as I found them..."

Did you get that part? 200 women and their bicycles around NYC!!!!!!!!!!
So go there and see for yourself the wide range of girls, fashions and styles of bicycles.
How much have things changed since 2004 style and fashion wise looking at these photos?

Stay tuned for NYC, a Girl, a Bike .... Part II