20 September 2009

Going to Interbike.....

Going to Interbike....Only Maybe

Well I've got my media pass to attend the upcoming Interbike which is pretty exiting. I also have a spot in this year's Momentum Urban Legend Show (at Interbike) for my RidingPretty designs.

What I'm not certain of is if I can actually go. 'Life Happens'...that perfect line one uses when it's altogether the easiest explanation one can give.


I am going ahead and planing out a checklist of who and what I should go see at the show. Any suggestions from any of you all out there? You can pretty much assume I'll be checking in with Bicycle makers/vendors for all the lovely bicycles on my Dream Bicycle List. I'll be looking at panniers and wicker baskets. What else?

My last year's Momentum Urban Legend Show post.