22 May 2009

Listen To Music Riding Your Bike...Beach Cruiser Bum

(music balloon via LikeCool)

What a great way to listen to your ipod while riding your bike! I just have to get one of these Music Balloons.


Off Being a Beach Bum...

(cut off's are heavily seed-beaded & thrifted Calvin Kleins, cuffed gladiator sandals UO, T-shirt just begging to be shredded, tiedyed or artfully painted to cover up the ancient old stains on it, my Murray beach cruiser 'freebie')

Sometimes you just wake up, don't bother brushing your hair, throw on some cut offs and the first clean t-shirt you can find and head off to the beach on a super low profile, rusty beach cruiser. Nothing could be simpler. 'Louche' Chic.

My sweet kitty, Lazslo who meowed to get into this shot, AND who has never agreed to get in my bicycle basket.

Have a Great Friday everyone!