21 May 2009

Babe on Bicycle -- Babes in Bicycle 'Chic'ville Land

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(photo of Ellie by her Mom Emma)
According to Emma, her daughter Ellie is emphatic about choosing all her own 'riding attire' and does this entirely without any input from Mom... so here we have Ellie off for a bicycle ride. Quite the little cycle chic miss! Ah, and did you spot the matching pink fingerless riding gloves Ellie is wearing !!!!!
Thanks Emma for sending in this Darling photo!!

Also quite amazing are all the new Babes in Bicycle 'Chic'ville Land who all have very recently launched blogs. Listed below in no particular order or sequence... Let's go to each and every one and pay a visit!

Change Your Life. Ride a Bike
Bikes By The Sea
Charleston Cycle Chic

If you know of any other Bicycle 'Chic'ville blogs that are newly launched, please let me know! I want to help welcome everyone! Let's help bring to the world a uniquely feminine and dare I say non athletic, whimsical, perchance bohemian, and certainly enjoyable and softly pleasingly aesthetic to the existing Bike Culture as we know it.