12 February 2009

SF Tweed Ride - A Reminder

Reminder: Thursday Tweed Ride!

Today, February 12th
6:30 pm — Start at Dolores Park (at the 19th St. Bell)
7:00 pm — meetup with East Bay Tweed at the 16th St. Mission BART*
Ends at Tosca Cafe.

I'm not sure at this point if I'll be able to attend. I'd be coming up from Santa Cruz and there is a glitch in my travel plans for today, AGHHHH... I so miss living in the City especially at times like this. I really love Tosca's too (where the ride ends up). I've spent many wonderful times there.

Plenty of great prizes to be won! (I've got this outfit all planned out, so while my riding attire is not tweed it is appropriately vintage )...and boo hoo I wanted to win 'Most Snappy Lass'.

SO all of you who ARE attending take LOTS of good pictures. I can't wait to see all of you ( in pictures) anyway! I will be eternally grateful for any pics and photo links sent my way.