19 November 2008

Unmitigated Gal … 2009 Fashion Calendar

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'Give a Gift Both Ways’ with this 2009 Fashion Calendar. This is a great gift to give, plus it benefits Jacquie Phelan. She’s surviving cancer.

The calendar is all vintage themed and features Jacquie Phelan, the legendary mountain bike champ. Though don’t look for mountain bike racing photos… au contraire!.. She’s dressed with aplomb, wit, and in fabulous style for each of the 12 months.

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I just love this photo too. Jacquie also has a blog. I think it is so worth checking out for this amazing perspective from a woman who has lots to say, and has pioneered in so many ways. Go find out for yourself and start with ‘the about JP’ if you aren’t familiar with who she is. Also check out Wombats.

You can find Jacquie’s calendar here and Jacquie’s blog here.

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