21 November 2008

DIY Bicycle Care ....Old Bike Blog and RidingPretty ..Series Intro

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My New Guest Blogger: Thom at Old Bike Blog

I know a lot of you are buying vintage or want to, but don’t really know what goes into taking care of your bicycle, let alone refurbish it …and alas may live somewhere, where bicycle community offered bicycle repair/care/ maintenance classes don’t exist. And getting your bicycle work done at your local LBS (local bicycle shop) could be an option but you’d rather DIY and save some cash and be independent

SO….Ta DAH!!!!!

I'm pleased to announce a new periodic feature here on RidngPretty, written by Thom from Old Bike Blog. Thom will be guest-blogging about bicycle care basics and fixing-up your old (or new) bike. Learn basic tasks, starting at the beginning … like changing tires and tubes, adjusting saddle and handlebar height…Then progress and learn about chain care, brake maintenance, and lots more. With your confidence growing from these newly learned skills, progress to even more DIY bicycle knowledge! With Thom’s help you take on the more advanced skills… Just TRUST that with Old Bike Blog’s help that you can proudly refurbish your old bicycle into the real beauty you know your bicycle can be!

I'll be be guest-blogging at Old Bike Blog in exchange. I’ll be giving tips on green products and methods for cleaning and yes even refurbishing your bicycle with eco/green products.

And As Thom at Old Bike Blog said:

"Both features will be aimed at helping new cyclists get to work on that old Schwinn or Huffy that's been collecting dust in the garage, but more experienced gear-heads might benefit too."

So, watch this space over the coming weeks for Thom’s guest posts, and check out Old Bike Blog for bike care basics.

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