06 July 2008

Slow Movement – San Francisco ....Bicycles?

slow bicycle copy

Are there any any Slow Rides, Slow Ride-Social Riding Clubs or Slow Movement Bicycle type events ...at or during the Slow Food Nation '08 on Aug. 29th to Sept. 1st in San Francisco? Not just yet...

I began talking about the Slow Movement and the way I connected with it starting back in March. Anyway a big tip of the bicycle helmet to Slow Bicycle Movement for picking up on it and supporting it in a huge way....Quoted here... "So I figured it was about time that we finally got around to this Slow Bicycle Movement."

With the growing interest in a slower pace of life (besides when it comes to riding your bicycle) see how it all fits in with the larger concepts ...

And now, for all of you in the USA and curious about the whole Slow Movement definitely check this out.

sf victory gardens

SF City Civic Center Plaza is being turned into a Slow Food Nation Victory Garden.

Way back in the day, my grandmother use to tell me about her own victory garden like the one described in this handbook. Later on I became a fan of futurefarmers and anyone willing to eat out of their front lawn , as inspired by the Artist Fritz Haeg.

Let me know if you are planning any Slow Rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoops...I don't have a sticker for you to put on your blog or your bicycle.