09 July 2008

More DIY Roundup – Plus SF Renegade Craft Fair July 12-13

bust magazine
photocredit/source: bust magazine

So excited…going to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in San Francisco. It got me in a very DIY, crafty mood....

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite DIYs. Let’s get crafty this summer!

Over at Bust magazine there was a great ‘pimp your ride’ DIY. Sara originally posted this in her 12 Bicycles for Girls. I covered it here as well. ***I highly recommend the pattern for the making the bicycle seat cover*** …If you want the DIY instruction .pdf, well then just email me for it. Bust Magazine and Sara sent it along and are happy for me to distribute the .pdf out to you. shelly@ridingpretty.com

Chic Cyclist (Charlotte) had the best DIY skirt guards... And the best DIY wine box into back rack.

Confessions of a Dillentante had the best bicycle basket liner DIY

Copenhagen Cycle Chic with this great DIY to personalize your bicycle and to get you inspired.

Want to covert convert your existing hybrid bicycle into a commute bike? Plus find out where to just maybe find a plastic chain cover. Really this whole primer is just plain good information.