23 February 2008

Girls Want To Ride Pretty

A logistician is usually not a good descriptor for me. But here’s how my logic works.

Riding a bicycle gets me freed from driving the car -- which reduces carbon emissions -- which gives me carbon credits -- which also gives me healthy exercise…all good so far. I live in an urban community where most everything is accessible by riding a bicycle to get there. All good, good.

Where the resistance comes in -- it is how goofy I feel I look if I join the club and adopt wearing the jeans or even less appealing to me the typical bicycle women’s wear (which equals mostly lycra). Then on top of that, put on the aero-dynamic, alien looking helmet, the one that is represents 90% of what most any bike shops will try to sell you.

So to start with, what a chore it was to even learn that a multi-sport helmet can be worn for skateboarding, the BMX bike shenanigans, and YES pleasurable bicycle riding of the non- speed racing type. The helmet is a half helmet, rounded, or rounded mullet style helmet …. A-Okay to wear! Still, not too many bike shops offer them unless they support skateboarding and BMX riders.

Even so, I thought I still looked goofy even if I paint flowers on my pink helmet! Here is where I want to add that I absolutely love my brain. My BF freaks if I even think about riding without a helmet. Our friend suffered some brain damage WHILE wearing a helmet and would probably be dead otherwise. So you get the picture.

Girls want to ride pretty!

I see so many girls who like me, absolutely shirk away from wearing lycra and typical bike wear. Instead they wear chic little outfits on their stylish vintage, European (think Amsterdam bikes) and/or their highly coveted esoteric, customized bicycle. First of all I am happy to report there is a revolt against jeans (even if they are 7 for All Mankind or lemon yellow drain pipes, ect.). Even more dreaded, the lyrca race type wear. So Revolt!!! Girls want to ride pretty!

So that’s the back story of how all this came to be. My solution is to give you absolutely wonderful ways to change the way your helmet looks.

p.s. I am so ready to launch this. I will be directing you to esty.com and my own site so you can purchase. You will love it.