10 July 2015

July Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2015


July Edition 2015 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT exclusively here on RidingPretty's Blog 

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK - July 5

Retro GPCC Tweed Ride Valladolid, ES - July 19

The Big Vintage Ride, Birmingham UK - July 19

Tweed Ride Vienna - July 25

Seersucker Ride Naperville, Il - July 26

Picnic Ride(Nothingham Classic) Newstead, UK -July 26

Tweed Ride Rio - July 26

Danish Riviera Classico, DK - Aug 2

Tweed Ride Victoria, BC - Aug 8  

Harris Tweed Ride Glasgow - Aug 30

Tweed & Tea Ride Bexhill, UK - Sept 5

Tweed Ride Malmö - Sept 7

Steampunk Festival Ride, Eastbourne UK - Sept 12

Tweed Retro Ride (Achielle) Pittem, BE - Sept 13

Historic Cycles Day West Sussex, UK - Sept 13

Tweed Ride Winnipeg, MB - Sept 13

Tweed Ride Stockholm - Sept 19

Tweed Ride Berlin, DE - Sept 20

Tweedy Vintagers Bicycle Ride,  - Sept 20

Tweed Ride Vancouver - Sept 20

Tweed Ride (La Belle Epoque) Rome, IT - Oct 10

Tweed Ride Quad-Cities, IA - Oct 24


Typically the summer is a slow time for Tweed Rides. (July has some great rides to look forward to at any rate!) As you may notice -- and with fall just around the corner more and more fall and winter rides are beginning to get scheduled and added onto everyone’s calendars. I help to do my bit for The Tweed Ride Community by centralizing all the Tweed Ride listings here and in one place for convenience sake.

Sometimes I muse if I shouldn’t combine the July Edition with the August Edition since summer is so, well summer like. Take a break for a month or so especially given the other life and lives I live in chameleon like fashion, happily going off on all sorts of new adventures and sideline ventures.

Wait a moment here -- given a second thought maybe that isn’t such a good idea to take two months break from this blog. I use to do a new blog post nearly every day at the height of my blogging here on RidingPretty circa 2009-2010. For now -- I blog once a month, and that is all the more I can commit to doing, that is on a regular blogging basis these days. If I reduce my blog posts to any less frequency – well probably not a good idea for a myriad of reasons, like falling even further down in search rank according to Google’s algorithm rank setter. Thus, no one who is a new visitor will ever find this blog in search anymore, if I don’t post with more frequency.  Well we don’t want that to happen.

So see you back here in August!

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