16 July 2014

July Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2014


July Edition of The Tweed Ride Report

Tweed Ride Belo Horizonte, Brazil - July 19

Vintage Tweed Ride St. Petersburg, RU - July 19

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK - July 20

The Dapper Dash Newcastle, UK - Aug 3

Liverpolitan Tweed Run,UK - Aug 3 

Tweed Ride V Cantabria, ES  - Aug 9

Tweed Run (AntiguaBicycleClubPotosino) San Luis Potosi, MX-Aug 16

Zurich Saturday Style Ride - Aug 23

Tweed Ride (Tally Ho!) Winnipeg - Sept 7 

Achielle Vintage Ride-Pittern, BE - Sept 7

Tweed Ride Vancouver - Sept 14

Tweed Ride Padova, IT - Sept 14

Tweed Ride Victoria, BC - Sept 14

Tweed Day Berlin, DE - Sept 21

Pink Polka Dot Ride (Nottingham, UK - Classic Ride) - Sept 21

Tweed Ride Rome, IT - Oct 19

Tweed Ride Saskatoon, SK - Oct 28

The July Edition 2014 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT presented here on RidingPretty's Blog as it is every month!

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Continuing on with fresh updates to this ongoing, long running list with brand new Summer 2014 rides, Fall Rides as well.  Look forward to your next edition which usually comes out mid-month, and that’s for every single month of the calendar year! You can check back – because I will add new rides as I learn of them. The Tweed Ride Report Calendar (the master list) gets updated too. That’s where you'll find the ride poster and links to the actual ride event itself.

Fall Rides are around the corner- so how about start planning for them now! Lets help to get advance word out about all the new upcoming rides for 2014. Planning a Ride? Want to join a Ride? Keep in touch!

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