28 February 2010

Bicycle Tandem to the DOLLHOUSE

(via Lily and the Muse)

The bicycle, the spring ride beneath a leafy canopy, the pretty music soundtrack-
Yes, this video is keeping me in the same wistful spring time mood that Bridget Bardot's bicycle ride in countryside put me in earlier today...except maybe for the whimsical and strange 'Alice in Wonderland-ish' tea party in the Dollhouse. Oh, go ahead... I must admit I'm so looking forward to Alice Wonderland and in 3D no less!

The video, it's an oldie but goodie, meaning it's from 2007. Erin Fetherson/Designer.


Bridget Bardot on a Bicycle - Moi me je joue!

Bridget Bardot on a bicycle shared by ridingpretty

Bridget Bardot on a bicycle definitely gets me in the mood and dreaming of Spring. You may recognize the song, it was the sound track for last year's bicycle moment in fashion ;)
Well back to planning my bouillabaisse - I want to go foraging for mussels (of course I will have my 1 day fishing license) - that is when there ever is a sufficient let up in the rain. Hmmh..Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the rain! One incredible benefit (among so many) the rains bring wild chanterelle mushrooms - which I adore. I love to go and hunt for these beauties. So delicious!  
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25 February 2010

Tweeder Photo - Self Portrait

tweeder photo by ridingpretty
(photo by RidingPretty)

As proclaimed in the post title this is my Tweeder photo!

There are so many Tweed Rides taking place all over that I was incredibly inspired to do this shoot. I really wanted to share my 'Tweedy' vintage outfit. And especially the vintage tweed and leather case on my back bicycle rack - it is so handsome and very exquisitely made. I've never seen anything like it.

Plus, I've never been any good at self portraits. This is what came of a long, rainy week. That and my desire to learn - a) use a new big tripod, b) utilize my borrowed 3D camera, c) set up of this impromptu photo studio in my home. I really got to feel comfortable in my own skin for once (with no one watching me being so goofy posing !!!) Then practice, practice to get it all to come together. So much trial and error. I really admire all those who can do their own photos of them selves. Maybe I'm just picky but I hated 99.9% of the photos I took!

p.s. I have a few more photos (that came out okay) in some other fav vintage outfits that I will get around to sharing with you too.


Resuming Soon

If you've wondered about the lack of posts earlier this week or if you're just now getting a response to any email(s) you've sent me, please know there was a special person that has passed away...
I'm trying to resume as usual, soon.


21 February 2010

London Fashion Week - Bicycle Power

London Fashion Week Bicycle shared by ridingpretty

London Fashion Week Bicycleshared by ridingpretty
( photos via Face Hunter)

Fresh from the streets of London. It's London Fashion Week going on now. Undoubtedly she must be a head turner as she pedals her way to the shows - her style, her Peugeot bicycle.... and her shoes!

18 February 2010

Bicycle Shorts- SO Many Looks to Consider

shared by ridingpretty
(Teen Vogue Feb 2010)
100% real lycra, Santini cycling shorts / worn underneath jean shorts - Teen Vogue

shared by ridingpretty
(DKNY Spring Summer 2010)

Hot pink cycling shorts and worn underneath nicely tailored shorts- DKNY
"The shorts, dubbed DKNY Smoothies, were inspired by "the whole idea of biking -- put an extra layer"- via the WSJ

shared by ridingprettyshared by ridingpretty
(early adopters - 2nd photo is Agyness Deyn)

Bicycle shorts worn in this way have been making a continuing reappearance, for instance Agyness Deyn (2nd photo) wore this 'jean shorts over bicycle shorts' look in 2008.

shared by ridingprettyshared by ridingpretty
(TopShop Spring Summer 2010)
100% rubber latex 'cycling shorts' / worn underneath jean shorts- TopShop

"Latex gloves are the answer to all your frozen finger sorrows, they’re cheap/free, waterproof and wind resistant and when worn under your nice wooly or leather gloves = happy hands in any weather." via cyclodelic
(So I'm guessing rubber latex will keep your bum nice and toasty as well? !)

Yes, you can believe it! Bicycle shorts are showing up now in shops and magazines! I certainly found no shortage of designers offering variations of the bicycle shorts look.

Some (here, and here) so hate the return of the bicycle short in fashion. Images of 80's Madonna and Demi Moore's 'bicycle shorts' look worn to the Oscar Awards come prominently to mind for many.

Really though, worn with a second pair of shorts thrown on top makes bicycle shorts work! Lycra or any skin tight stretchy fabric (cotton included) is not the most flattering thing to wear, every thing is revealed- every curve, thigh bulge (and um derriere crack) - all being so unforgiving unless you are uber fit. To my eye - leggings, stockings, jeggings, and bicycle shorts just look better with a little cover up, especially in the bum area.

And how practical! You can wear the most padded, official 100% cycling shorts and with a few style inspirations like those shown here alter your whole look... All the while giving yourself ultimate comfort for those long, long rides in the saddle.


Now for a bit less sportif, offering a more feminine, soft look...

shared by ridingpretty
(Spring Summer 2010)

shared by ridingpretty
(early look - Hanneli Mustaparta 2009)

shared by ridingpretty
(Holland House -Spring Summer 2010)

shared by ridingpretty
(Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010)

I definitely hope there was some inspiration in this for you, there sure was for me! Yes, I want to get busy now dreaming up some DIYs . . .


Macrame Bicycles

macrame bicycle art shared by ridingpretty

macrame bicycle art shared by ridingpretty
(These photos were sent in by Charlie)

These are not the faux bicycle, sidewalk - art installation. And definitely not to be confused with the corduroy bicycle - Levi Marketing ;)


17 February 2010

Spring Fever - Bicycles on the Levee

 girls and bicycles photo by ridingpretty
(three girls along the levee)

Spring fever has overcome me. The temperatures are approaching the 70's. It will be idyllic for the next day or so, then the rains and cooler temperatures return.

Ah, the birds are singing like crazy.... acacia , plum and cherry trees are all in full bloom.
I have to go enjoy and spend the entire day out in nature - so Bye !


15 February 2010

Bicycle Trash to Vintage Bicycle Treasure

---"1970's or 1980's Cyclops Vintage Ladies bicycle I found in a park near my home, most people, well, everyone leaves it for garbage but it can truly be turned into a gem, with a lot of hard work!!"

Stay tuned as antonio says there is more to the story with more video and pictures to follow ...


13 February 2010

Heart Like a Wheel

heart like a wheel shared by ridingpretty
(via haphe)

This has to be the most amazing bicycle wheel I've ever seen... and it's all hearts!


I also found this beautifully written piece. It's like a Bicycle Valentine:

"Two Wheels, No Waiting"
"My bicycle prefers the errand. Indeed, it has no interest in tranquil rides through the park, around the pond, on to nowhere… It would die of boredom. No, on sunny afternoons it desires the post office, the grocery store, the library. This is when it is best able to display, conspicuously, its skill and dexterity and forthrightness. After all, who can surpass my bicycle when it comes to a span of ten blocks? Certainly not the foot, plodding clumsily to and fro. Nor the car, halted in traffic, panting with frustration, staring at us with envy as we pedal past. When we finally arrive back home at the end of the day with the sun setting, our basket will be full of the fruits of our journey. "Good boy," I will whisper to my bicycle, and I will rub its handlebars affectionately."

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh

Perhaps you'll find a mission statement kind of slant to this piece (if you read it that way). Yes, I on the other hand personally love my pure joy rides in the parks and nature, and with no agenda!

Enjoy your Ride!


12 February 2010

♥ ♥A Bicycle Valentine for Everyone Else

tandem bicycle shared by ridingpretty
(photographer unknown - source Italia Vogue?)

Polymorphic love relationships. multiple sweeties. out there lovers.
This one is for you then.


Bicycle Sweethearts

More Sweethearts on Bicycles....

bicycle sweethearts shared by ridingpretty

bicycle sweethearts shared by ridingpretty
( via oncewed)


bicycle sweethearts shared by ridingpretty
(via chainedartist)

Here's to enjoying the start of a wonderful weekend! Kiss your valentine, dream about spring bicycle rides, cozy up with your sweetie if snow and ice keep you indoors! I am still digging through my cache of photo images so may share some more sweet 'valentines' on bicycles ♥


11 February 2010

Kisses - Bicycle Sweethearts

 sweethearts on bicycles shared by ridingpretty
(photographer unknown)

 sweethearts on bicycles shared by ridingpretty
(photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth)

Sweethearts on Bicycles steeling kisses...♥♥♥


08 February 2010

Tweed Ride Spokes Cards

I received these Tweed Ride Spokes Cards...

tweed ride spokes cards photo by ridingpretty

Here below is a close up so you can actually see and read what's on them. They are from The Dapper Dan Dash Tweed Ride in Austin Texas. (Thanks so very much for sending them to me!!)

tweed ride spokes cards photo by ridingpretty
(close up of Tweed ride spokes card - hope you can read them!
spokes cards via The Dapper Dan Dash Tweed Ride)

Wistfully all the Tweed Rides will not only be making the really wonderful poster and flyers but also make some Tweed Ride spokes cards like these. High collectible I'd wager! So pretty please Tweed Ride organizers ....
I want to collect them all!


Spokes Cards have been around for quite awhile, usually they're about alley cat races. See the spokes cards pictured below....

(all photos by ridingpretty)

I love spoke cards. Anyone out there who collects them or wants to?


Inexpensive Dream Bicycle

shared by ridingpretty
(vintage bicycle / photographer unknown)

"I just found your blog, its really inspiring. I am looking for a bicycle and love the well designed ones, especially the style of the club monaco and fendi bike, but most of all the abici grand tourismo. i love the light grey/white bikes theyre so elegant! very great list of designer bikes by the way.
do you have a list of well designed inexpensive bikes, i thought i would email as you seem to be someone with really great taste. and to be able to pick from the inexpensive ones that may have been overlooked would be so helpful. any advice?
thanks so much, keep up the great blog!"

Brilliant question!

Inexpensive or expensive either way start by finding a local bicycle shop and go in and test ride your dream bicycle yourself. I would not buy one for myself or for that matter give a personal recommendation or review of a bicycle that I have never ridden. I believe it's quite preferable to actually ride a bicycle first before buying it!

In the past I have recommended buying a vintage bicycle and to do so for cheap with prices skyrocketing even more so than before because Times Change. It's what I've done and I love my vintage bicycles. I have also recommend learning how to build up your own bicycle. I think it's a great way to save money and earn valuable experience.

Regarding new bicycles, I thank you for the compliment on my style and taste! You must be referring to my Dream Bicycle List, or my Top Stylish Bicycles from Fashion Designer & Retailer I'm guessing, or even the Tips- Buying a Fashionable & Stylish Bicycle .

So, I completely understand your appreciation of very finely made bicycles. Abici is one of my top favorite bicycles too! Light grey/white is a color palette I also find so very elegant!

To help you with your request for a nice mid range bicycle list of aesthetic, well made and truly lovely bicycles- I will see if I can name some favorites for you. OR better yet I will see if any readers out there, actual bicycle owners (let's include any bicycle manufacturers and/or LBS too) chime in with their favorite bicycle and why.


06 February 2010

A Tweed Limerick

shared by ridingpretty

"There was once a young lass dressed in Tweed.

Who decided to ride her trusty steed.

She sent its wheels spinning and whirling around,

then hit a deep pothole

and ended up on the ground.

Let this be your lesson,

All lassies give heed:

Keep your eyes on the road, not on chaps wearing Tweed."


by Bill Poindexter, Mark Rainey, Lauren Aust of kctweedindeed.wordpress.com/


05 February 2010

THX Curitiba Cycle Chic - "Bicycle" by Steve Blanco

Thanks to Curitiba Cycle Chic for first sharing this gorgeous, romantic video...

"Bicycle" by Steve Blanco
is simply the perfect little treat just in time for Valentine's Day! Warning: it's quite possible to discover yourself flushed with fresh yearnings, or flooded with sweet memories of love ...ah, Bicycle Romance!


'Finders' Credit goes to Curitiba Cycle Chic - with a just wonderful knack for finding some amazing 'firsts '- so go and visit soon!

Fashion Blogger Beauty and her Vintage Bicycle

I guess I just couldn't keep myself from resisting - I re-posted them ALL! - The Freelance Fashionblog's photos- the ones where she is wearing these adorable vintage outfits with her vintage bicycle. I just love these pictures!....

the freelancers fashionblog's bicycle by ridingpretty

the freelancers fashionblog's bicycle by ridingpretty

the freelancers fashionblog's bicycle by ridingpretty
(all photo credit: The Freelancers Fashionblog)

But Alas, she has left her lovely vintage bicycle in the snow since November...

the freelancers fashionblog's bicycle by ridingpretty
(all photo credit: The Freelancers Fashionblog)

Now leaving your bicycle covered in snow is sad, everyone agrees especially The Freelance Fashionblogger... but spring is on it's way with delightful warm days ahead (to dream about for now)... Warm days where you just feel it in your bones that you just have to ride your bicycle!

With that in mind here is some help to get your bicycle ready for spring. I've written a post called Green Clean Your Bicycle sharing my tips - for instance on how to get rid of rust. It will get you started on the road to recovery - for the sake of your dear bicycle!