08 April 2010

Matthew Modine, Bicycle, Fashion Charity Show and Other Fine Tweed Gents

matthew modine and bicycle shared by ridingpretty

matthew modine and bicycle shared by ridingpretty

Matthew Modine carried a bicycle up the runway, (only appropriate) - His charity is Bicycle For A Day. The event was the recent "Dressed to Kilt" Charity Fashion Show.

Matthew looks awfully much like a Tweed Ride Tweeder to me, then again the charity event was part of the New York Tartan Week. Tartan a close cousin to Tweed.


Speaking of Dapper Gents this is as good a time as any to share this with you...

Tweed Bicycle Gents KC shared by ridingpretty
(photo credit: Mark Rainey & Bill Poindexter)

The Gents you see above are two of the organizers for the recent Kansas City Tweed Ride.
More on the Kansas City Tweed Ride when I do my April Tweed Rides - a recap of all of the April Tweed Rides....coming soon, as in when the month of April is over. April looks to be another fine month for Tweed Rides. If you haven't already done so please do check The Tweed Report for upcoming Tweed Rides. Maybe there is one coming to your town?


Now for a little summer fashion inspiration for a "non Tweed" - Tweed Ride!

Esquire Bicycle Gent shared by ridingpretty
(via esquire.co.uk)

Say Linens, Khaki anyone? Seer Sucker?