23 June 2008

Sit Up & Beg – Most Ergonomic?--- Good Answer

Vintage looking Pin Up girl on Bicycle shared by RidingPretty

photocredit/source: Tod/CleverCycles

Great stick figure representation of the various riding positions.

‘How you sit has a big influence not only on your comfort and capacity to move, but on your mind. Just as laughing and smiling, even forcibly, can help lift a foul mood, sitting utterly upright, head high with your shoulders thrust back to “open your heart” exerts a powerful influence on your mind. It is serene, restorative, dignified. Mix well with endorphins and you’re getting there. I love watching people set off on Dutch bikes for the first time, seeing the initial wobbles of the unweighted handlebars relax a block later into a yogic smile and regal poise.’

I was directed to this *article by readers (Donna and Anon) in response to ‘Sit Up & Beg – Most Ergonomic?’ They love their LBS… Clever Cycles. You’ll also so find a lively discussion/comments section with pros cons and lots of bike tech speak.

* warning: there’s a photo of naked guys on bikes in the article from Clever Cycles.