19 June 2008

Sit Up & Beg – Most Ergonomic?

When you choose say, to ‘ride pretty’, being relaxed and comfortable is very a desirable thing… right along with being stylish and fashionable.

So I’m going to play dumb here, like a total novice (actually not so far from the truth.) I’m trying to find out what is the most ergonomic, comfortable riding position in which to ride a bicycle for leisure rides? (The link for the following quoted material is at the bottom of this post.) Anyway I excerpted the following selected bits of info.

‘… a new study says the pain is probably caused by their riding position.’

Referencing then to handle bar position on the bicycle …

‘With riding, the neck is extended and the back flexed for prolonged periods. Riding in drop handlebars for long periods increases the load on the arms and shoulders as well as hyperextension of the neck, leading to muscle fatigue and pain.’

Then reading a little further along....

‘the upright head and wrist positions alleviate the usual discomfort of a traditional bike. The riding position also promotes proper alignment which improves breathing.’

So does this mean the ‘sit up and beg’ riding position (therefore the euro-style bicycle--and heaven forbid I call it a dutch bike!) is the most ergonomic, comfortable stylishly for leisure bicycle riding? Really, does the ‘sit-up-and-beg’ position promote a perfect posture and give you an ergonomic ride?

Read the entire article I quoted from here. Then weigh in with your opinions!!!

Attention: I know lots of you cycle, aficionados guys check in here…so besides just looking at the ‘pretty girls on bicycles’ pics, add some of your expert opinions!