02 November 2011

Borrowing and Stealing from Menswear Looks - Tweed Outfit 2

On a recent fall day bicycle ride...

Tweed Day Menswear by RidingPretty

I came across these freshly ripening pyracantha berries. I just had to stop to procure some of these beauties for my seasonal flower arrangements that I so look forward to making at this time of year!


Often I find myself wearing a lot of Menswear. I will covet and search for the men’s tweed jacket, the men's oxford shoes, and the men’s “field & stream” canvas rucksack.

For whatever reason Menswear really lends itself well for my own private Tweed Runs, meaning my own inspired outfits whether I am fortunate enough to attend the actual event or not! So Ladies if you're putting together something to wear this fall that is quite Tweedy Inspired - well try paying a visit to the menswear department - wherever you shop! Sizing issues may be a problem, so I offer up this tip – be sure to check the boys wear department too. At least that is where I often find the better fit.

Tweed Day Menswear by RidingPretty

Green Jumper -- no label, thrifted
Cotton long sleeved t-shirt - the Gap
Canvas "Field & Stream" Rucksack - no label, gifted to me
Belt Satchel Pouch - Paoding Tribe
Tweed Jacket - Vintage, brand - Rough Riders - (it's borrowed, I wish I had it in my size!)
Green nubby Socks - (wish I could remember the brand!)
Oxford Shoes - Mezlan