05 October 2011

Thrift Store Hauls for Fall

This started out to be a DIY post....
 Simple Beater Bike by RidingPretty

  by RidingPretty

Then I rethought it...

outfit by RidingPretty

I decided the DIY post will have to be a follow up. Then it occurred to me. Yes, come to think of it everything shown in this post is thrifted, upcycled. So there you have it.

ethnic tribal vest --thrifted
80's patagonia cargo shorts --thrifted
super soft oversized top --thrifted
wood heart necklace --thrifted
mens' black oxfords --thrifted
leather bound (unused) journal --thrifted
wicker case with wine bottle inside --thrifted

The bicycle was free.
(I blogged about it here and since then I've repainted it black...)