26 October 2011

It's Not That Deep - Bicycles, Self Portrait, Photography

Last week on a very warm day I went out on my bicycle for a little late afternoon photography.

sunset peasant bicycle  by RidingPretty
instagramed” photo

My bicycle in the last rays of light. I was on my way home at this point.
For this adventure I'd brought along a picnic blanket (actually a vintage coverlet) for laying out on the ground, my newest Polaroid, and a wicker wine bottle filled will chilled water.

Self portrait...

self portrait with new vintage polaroid by RidingPretty
instagramed” photo

-- playing around with the Polaroid. I utilized a tripod, self timer for this shot. If I hadn’t stopped to spread out my picnic blanket, drink my refreshments and then simply start goofing around, I would never have thought to do this photo this way.

October House...

October Pumpkin House by RidingPretty

Recently I’ve been slowly, deliberately exploring (more like stalking) my local neighborhoods by bicycle. I’ve gotten myself in the habit now to be sure to pack my camera(s) and tripod. It’s extra effort but catching a photo like this next one makes me smile and glad I took the time to do so that day.

Last but not least...

xxxxx shared by RidingPretty

dress -- no label, upcycled & reconstructed- originally thrifted
basket purse -- vintage 70s
wine bottle holder -- vintage
shoes -- Ann Demeulemeester, several seasons ago