22 October 2011

Beyond The Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run NYC

Bill Cunningham (NYTimes) and The Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run NYC have done a fantastic job of getting the entire world to take notice of Tweed Runs and Tweed Rides.

If you missed this one singular event, fear not. Contrary to a widening FOMO belief and to dispel the “IT- ness” this event has garnered, there is more beyond The Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run NYC! So happy to report this!

Respectful thank you! RL for helping Americans discover Tweed Runs and to Bill Cunningham for his fashion take on it and explaining what it all means.

To those people just discovering the phenomenon -- do realize Tweed Runs and Tweed Rides number in the hundreds by now and happen all over the world.

To date Ralph Lauren is the biggest name sponsor to come aboard. Sponsors typically are more likely to be local independent bike shops, local bicycle accessory maker / designer (a cycle cap maker for example). For the most part everything is more grassroots in how the ride gets organized and sponsored. Quite often there is a benefit or charity aspect to the event as well.

Prizes are typically offered, often with a grand prize raffle too - usually via the generosity of an event sponsor. On offer as top raffle prize at The Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run NYC was a special addition Rugby Pashley bike. In case you didn’t win it there is a special edition of fifty Rugby Pashley bikes up for purchase.

Be on the look out for a Tweed event in your part of the world -- or organize it yourself! Yeah for DIY! Try checking The Tweed Ride Report for an event near you.

As a last thought. There are many other Tweed Runs and Rides happening all over the world-- and so finely captured in such beautiful photography and outstanding videos. I will to continue to share these treasures with you. You may well find just how elegantly wonderful these other events ARE - yes, and forget all about missing the Tweed Run NYC...