26 September 2011

Where can you find a Tweed Ride or Tweed Run?

Question: Where can I find a Tweed Ride or Tweed Run to go on?

Answer: The Tweed Ride Report for a list of past and future Tweed Runs, Rides.

Wikipedia has a Tweed Run Definition. There are external links including this one:
---- International Tweed Run and Ride Event Calendar listing past and upcoming events ---
It links to The Tweed Ride Report - here on RidingPretty!

So many folks are tweeting the RL Rugby Tweed Run NYC -- it is starting to go viral. Much effort has gone into getting the word out. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are discovering Tweed Runs and Tweed Rides for the first time!

RL Rugby Tweed Run has done such a good job promoting with fashion models, celeb social media types -- all wearing gorgeous head to toe RL clothing (no surprise) in a series of signature tweed ride styled videos and photo layouts.

No wonder people living outside of New York City wish they could join a Tweed Run or Ride!

“why don't they have these rides where i live